About the Owner

The company’s highlighted by the wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of experience for its owner. 

​Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Marty D. Norvel Sr.'s over 20-year career as a U.S. Army Engineer Officer possesses actual project management, financial acquisitions, construction execution and leadership skills.  He has also developed, managed, and executed over $4 billion of military infrastructure and road networks abroad in support of US interests in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.  In addition he possesses an MBA, a BS in Industrial Technology concentrating in construction, not to mention various other military and civilian school citations. 

MACVEL INTERNATIONAL, LLC is owned and operated by Marty D. Norvel Sr - President.  This service disabled veteran owned company is a provider of general construction, renovation, facilities and property management services.  The company’s strategy is based on a continuing improvement process of setting achievable operational tasks with defined milestones, intense focus on client relations and feedback mechanisms to facilitate further growth.MACVEL INTERNATIONAL, LLC is a company, with a principal office located in Ellenwood, Georgia.

Our Mission

MACVEL INTERNATIONAL, LLC is dedicated to providing a strictly professional, honest and trustworthy solution to the national and international construction industry where our clients are our business.  To do this, our first priority is to truly understand your conceptual end states then work backwards through the planning and execution processes to achieve the desired result - failure is not an option.  We will strive for industry growth, occupational excellence and client satisfaction. 

Our Vision

Build a service disabled veteran owned construction company focused on our clients while executing all aspects of commercial infrastructure support, residential construction or renovations and facilities management nationally and internationally.​